Summer Adult Workshops

Offered as multi-day workshops once or twice a month from May until August.
Save $30 per workshop if registering for 2 or more workshops!
Email or call 207-613-1924 with questions.

Letterpress and Surface Design Workshop Series



Letterpress Posters

Instructors Richard Reitz Smith, Karin Spitfire

Propaganda Programs! Political Playbills! Poetic Pamphlets! Letterpress Broadsheets have been the historical format to get the message to the masses. In this two-day workshop, you will work mostly with handset type (metal or wood type are available, but you can experiment with linocut or foam) combined with illustrations (if you like) to convey the message in a short-run edition. A broadsheet or a broadside is a large page printed one side with important information or breaking news. You can stay in the poster-like vein or with a slight variation print two sides or use a single fold to create a simple pamphlet. Bring several text options. All materials provided. With your fee, we offer a selection of paper, ink, type, and the letterpress, plus coffee/ bagel/muffin to get you going in the morning and expert guidance!

F-Sun, 9am-4pm
6/09 - 6/11


Decorative Papers: Pattern, Color, and Ornament

Instructors Richard Reitz Smith, Alexis Iammarino

In this workshop, stop by for the day or for all four. Each day we will offer a new technique and new materials for patterning and treating paper. Start by creating a carved block stamp or a lino block or patterned roller to make decorative paste papers, printed muslin fabric, or letter press bookcloth or papers. You will leave with a portfolio of richly patterned samples that can be used in subsequent workshops (for instance, the Decorative Boxes workshop in June) or for projects of your own.

M-F, 10am-2pm


$30 materials fee

Illuminated Scrolls and Crankie Art

Instructor Annie Bailey

“Crankies” (or moving panoramas) are illustrated storytelling scrolls cranked by hand between two spools. Participants will create their own story scrolls and have the opportunity to share them with the community at an evening storytelling event in Rockland. Introduction to the history of the medium and contemporary uses will be covered, along with methods and materials for making your own artwork.

F-Sun, 10am-3:30pm
7/7 - 7/9


$25 materials fee

Custom Curtains: Resist Dye Techniques and Block Printing for Large Yardage 

Instructor Alexis Iammarino

Bold, beautiful two-tone fabrics! Learn how to bind and manipulate fabric with a variety of resist dye techniques to treat large yardage of muslin and upholstering fabrics. Explore color coupling and composition to achieve continuous patterns for curtains, tablecloths, or for custom re-upholstery.

7-day workshop

7/23 - 7/29

$700, plus a material fee that depends on selection options. Varying qualities will be available.

Intro Letterpress Intensive

Instructors Richard Reitz Smith, Karin Spitfire

This is a terrific workshop for anyone looking immerse themselves in the joys and techniques of layout, design andoperation of our letterpress.

7-day workshop

8/20 - 8/26

$700, plus a material fee that depends on selection options. Varying qualities will be available.

Artists Books on the Letterpress

Instructors Richard Reitz Smith, Karin Spitfire

Simple and elegant! A Pamphlet Binding is a concise entree into bookmaking. You will print and construct small editions of an 8-page (max) hardcover book. You will learn to handset type to print your favorite poems, quotes, or whatever text appeals to you. Then combine that with images using lino-block, collograph and other methods printed on the letterpress.

You will learn several basic variations of the pamphlet book format, plus sewing techniques and cover construction options. All printing will be completed by the end of the workshop. You may not finish binding your edition, but you will know how to do so at home.

A complete list of tools and materials will be sent upon registration. Bring:

  • a bone folder
  • exacto knife
  • ruler
  • special paper you want to print on
  • decorative paper or book cloth for a cover (some options will be provided for each of these)

Th-Sun, 9am-4pm
8/10 - 8/13


Cards, Calendars and Recipe Cards: Letterpress and Gelatin Printing

Instructors Richard Reitz Smith, Karin Spitfire, Annie Bailey

Geli-plate printmaking uses a printing surface made from Knox Gelatin to capture nature’s detail. Water- based ink makes positive and negative images using natural stencils. Bring samples from your garden or the forest. Flowers, leafs, plant textures, all transfer to paper in fine detail and bold pattern. When layered, they make exquisitely textured surfaces suitable for prints, cards or packaging. Secrets will be revealed.

It all starts with your one-of-a- kind image. Geli-prints are monoprints; no two are exactly alike. But with a loose registration and repeating the same stencil process a limited-edition can be achieved. Make recipe or note cards with hand-set type or calendars with letterpressed dates.

Week-long, Evening and Ongoing Workshops in Digital Photography, Metalpoint and Illustration

Mondays, 6-8pm
7/12 - 7/31


Small Scale Drawing with Silverpoint

Instructor Richard Iammarino

This eight-week workshop will introduce various techniques to prepare drawing surfaces for use with silverpoint and India ink. Silverpoint is one of several types of metalpoint techniques where a drawing is made by dragging and marking a metal styli on a prepared surface. Terrific for small scale works, either from observation or imagination.

Sunday, June 11

Sunday, June 18

Sunday, August 19


Shooting in Manual Mode

Instructor Sarah Rice

This class will teach you how to use your digital or film camera in the manual mode. We’ll start at the beginning and teach you about aperture, shutter speed, film speed, how they interact and how to manipulate them to achieve what you want with your photography. If you can’t quite remember (or never learned), come hang with us in a relaxed, friendly, supportive atmosphere and ask any questions you want. We'll work individually with you and your cameras to make sure you’re comfortable. By the end you’ll have much more control over your images and your camera. It’s best if you bring the camera you normally use, and that it is one where manual operation is possible. Check your camera - if it’s a newer digital camera, make sure there’s an M mode.

Tuesdays, 6-8pm
6/13 - 8/1


Getting personal, Documenting your life.

Instructor Sarah Rice

You don’t have to travel to exotic locales to find interesting photo subject matter.  Students will use photography to document some aspect of their life - family, friends, self, belongings, property - something only they have access to and have an intimate connection to. They’ll learn how to turn their lens closer to home, and how to see their everyday surroundings in a new light.  We’ll go over the basics of documentary photography and over 8 weeks students will produce a photo essay on the part of their life they chose.

M-F, 6-8pm
8/7 - 8/11


Mobile Phone Photography

Instructor Sarah Rice

Take advantage of the camera you have with you all the time! Learn what it’s capable of and what apps to use to maximize that potential. We’ll go over the best ways to photograph with your phone, then get to work making pictures.