After School Workshops

Ages 13-18
Workshops run for 10 weeks. (See dates below.)
$200 / workshop, $160 / 2+ workshops
Scholarship and work/study options available.
Email or call 207-613-1924 with questions.

Mondays, 3-5pm
10/17 - 12/22

Word Well | Short Fiction Writing Workshop

Instructor Scott A. Sell
In this workshop, we will take cues from some of the great fiction writers and craft short stories of our own, exploring plot, character, voice, style, and point of view. Thoughtful writing exercises and prompts will ignite ideas and expand your creative writing toolkit. Emphasizing listening and feedback, students are invited to share their writing in class and in a class anthology published at the end of the workshop.

Tuesdays, 3-5pm
10/11 - 12/13


Tech Club | Technology Tinker + Innovation Hub

Instructor Nate Davis
Tech Club is a weekly gathering of students and adult mentors to explore topics in technology and create technological solutions (both hardware and software) for a wide range of problems and challenges. Past projects have included a machine to convert plastic pellets into 3D printer filament, a device to alert a homeowner when someone enters her driveway, and an algorithmic generator for mazes in a video game.

Tech Club is open to any student - regardless of experience or skill - who is capable of working independently. Mentors will be on hand to provide guidance and instruction and ensure that basic safety procedures are followed with respect to electrical and shop equipment, but students are expected to exercise their own thought, creativity, and judgment. We encourage students to propose and execute their own project ideas, either individually or in small groups.

Wednesdays, 3-5pm
10/12 - 12/21
(no class 11/23)

Digital Multimedia | Audio + Visual Storytelling

Instructor Scott A. Sell
Multimedia Storytelling at Steel House is an after school program which provides students with an introductory experience with multimedia production. This hands-on workshop explores, script writing, camera operation, audio engineering, and video editing.

In addition to an emphasis on media literacy, we will work with students throughout the workshop on multimedia skills: the planning, organization, technical execution, and presentation of several productions focusing on documentary storytelling. These will include radio segments, audio slideshows, and short films, all of which will be built around student-conducted interviews with subjects within the workshop and in the community.

Students will learn the principles of field production, as well as post-production techniques using Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition, in a series of independent and group projects.

Wednesdays, 3-5pm
10/12 - 12/21
(no class 11/23)

Cartoon Club | Cast of Characters

Instructor Richard Iammarino
Love cartooning?! This club is going to be a blast. Discover the fun (and funny) artform of cartooning. Bring your own style and hone your cartooning skills with a cartoon master! Drawing techniques will include pen + ink and marker. This club will offer the a focus on how to develop and refine character design from sketch to full color illustration.

Thursdays, 3-5pm
10/13 - 12/22
(no class 11/24)

Foundational Drawing | Skills for Rendering the Real

Instructor Richard Iammarino
This class offers an introduction to the principles and techniques of drawing figures and objects in space. Using a variety of materials and subject matter, participants will explore the still life, drawing in perspective, and several other ways to personalize with expressive mark-making techniques. This is an excellent class for those students wanting to approach drawing with a more trained eye and hand.