Art from Math and Nature (Part 2)

A few weeks ago I blogged about some of my artistic projects that derive inspiration from mathematical models of biology and evolution. Though I didn't mention it earlier, most of these projects have a temporal component: that is, they evolve and grow through different states as time passes. The images I shared in my earlier post are static snapshots of a process. For this blog post, I decided to create a short video demonstrating the evolution and progression of this process. The idea is similar to what I presented before: an initial "trunk" grows into a "tree", but now you can experience the growth of this tree. You might notice that the final tree in this video is different from the tree I posted earlier. This is because almost all of my work involves aleatoric elements (i.e. elements governed by chance; "aleatoric" derives from the Latin "aleator", meaning "dice player", and ultimately from "alea", meaning "die"), and the results are never the same.