Intro to Plein-Air Watercolor Painting

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Instructors: Annie Bailey
Date: Sat-Sun, June 8-9, 10am-4pm
Price: 180-
Material Fee: 20-

Description:  Practice the art of outdoor painting in the Midcoast area with local artist, Annie Bailey. This course will include the basics of watercolor painting with on-site daily practice. Learn to appreciate your surroundings through new eyes and with a fresh and loose approach to watercolor painting. 

Bio:  Annie Bailey is a visual artist from midcoast Maine. As a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and a student of Ronald Frontin, The Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, The Rome Art Program and Maine Media Workshops she has developed a wide range of expression though a variety of materials including paint, soft sculpture and hand-drawn animation. Her work has been exhibited at the Farnsworth Art Museum, the Caldbeck Gallery, National Geographic, The Society of Illustrators, BandH Photo, The Steel House, Bunnell Street Art Center, The Torpedo Factory Art Center, and at the Rockland Shorts International Film Festival.

Materials students should bring:

Pigments: If you already own a watercolor set and are comfortable with it, great! You are all set. If not, I recommend either the Windsor Newton Professional Watercolor Field Box or a collection of pigments that include: Cadmium Yellow Light or Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Ocher, Cadmium Red, Quinacridone or Alizarin Crimson, Cerulean, French Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber. This will give you a big range of color potential because it includes a warm and cool of each of the primary colors, in addition to a few earth pigments. Don’t worry too much about having the exactly “right” colors, you will experiment with what you have, share with your fellow students, and eventually come up with a palette that works for you. 

Brushes: 1 1.5”-2” flat brush for washes, 1 #6 round, and 1 flat or bright #8 or larger. If this makes no sense to you, just come to class and I will explain the first day. I also highly recommend a water brush (a brush that has a reservoir in the handle). 

Palette: Get something lightweight that you can mix big patches of color on. I like the plastic folding version that is around 12” by 6” when closed because I find it easy to move around with and it keeps my paint contained but is also spacious enough to mix on. 

Water container: an old yogurt container or tupperware works well and is light to carry around. Bring a jug of water to fill from that closes tightly. 

Paper: There are different kinds of watercolor paper and they each have their own properties. If you already own paper, use that first and then decide what you might like to try next. I prefer cold pressed 140 lbs paper on gum edged watercolor blocks, but you can also bring a pad, masking tape and a firm surface like a piece of foamcore if that works better for you. Try working on large paper (18”x24”, for example) and small paper (5”x7”, for example) and see what works best for you. This is a chance to try something new, so take a leap and get out of your comfort zone! 

Masking Tape or Painter’s Tape Pencil

Rubber kneaded eraser- or hard, if preferred

Pencil sharpener and paper towel roll 

Materials instructor will provide:  Assorted extra materials for mark making exploration, large scale watercolor paper, and extra snacks.  

Workshop:  180-

Materials:  20-

Steel House Education Cancellation Policy

Full refund (minus $30 registration fee) will be granted for cancellations made up to 14 days prior to program start date; 50% refund (minus $30) will be granted for cancellations up to 10 days before program start date. No refunds for cancellations made less than 10 days prior to start date. Please notify Steel House as soon as possible regarding cancellation. Steel House reserves the right to cancel any Steel House Workshop/program. In the event of a cancellation by Steel House, full refunds will be granted. Under enrolled programs will be canceled 1 week prior to the start date. Prorated fees to attend part of a program may be arranged on an instructor-by-instructor basis, please inquire.