Break the Anchor - The Sardine Carrier project started!

Date: January and February
Project Intro
João Bentes, an Apprenticeshop graduate from Portugal (2016-2018) started "Break The Anchor - Partir A Âncora", a Portuguese non profit CRL with the intent to bring traditional boat building back to Portugal.
In collaboration with the Apprenticeshop we are starting the project  "Building the Canoa da Picada". The construction of a Portuguese Sailing Sardine Carrier from the 19th and 20th century. After construction, launch and sea trials BTA will cross the Atlantic through the Azores and landing on Portuguese shores to establish a seamanship and boatbuilding apprentice-based school in Portugal using the vessel has an itinerant workshop.
Current phase
Lofting is underway at the Steelhouse basement. Lofting is one of the first steps of traditional boatbuilding where a full scale drawing of the vessels lines is drawn. In this case on a floor. The Lofting will allow to take off patterns and study the construction of the vessel. Its an important phase where current apprentices and the local community will be involved. After the lofting is completed, BTA is gathering funds to assemble the backbone and even start planking in the fall and winter later this year at the Apprenticeshop.
Short Bio
João is currently working on Break the Anchor through the Fall and Winter and works at Wooden Boat School in Brooklin through the Spring and Summer. He has MA in Architecture, worked has a draftsman, architect and graphic designer in Portugal, The Netherlands and Germany before coming to the US. He has been collaborating with the A-shop in different ways, the most recent being teaching the Toboggan workshop in January 2019.