Richard Iammarino: ARGENTUM

Richard Iammarino

Steel House Projects is pleased to present ARGENTUM, an exhibition of 14 silverpoint drawings by Richard Iammarino. At 80 years of age, Iammarino has spent over fifty years revisiting silverpoint: a metalpoint technique where a drawing is made by dragging and marking a metal stylus on a prepared surface.

The collection of works in ARGENTUM, the Latin word for silver, spans 1970-2008. In these classical compositions Iammarino executes technical explorations of imagined figures and landscapes. The works evoke the ethereal and fantastic.

Born in 1937, in Cleveland, Ohio, Iammarino has spent his artistic life painting, drawing, printmaking, carving, casting, cartooning, and mural-painting. After attending the Cleveland Institute of Art in the early 1960s, he chose a peripatetic lifestyle, traveling through western and eastern Europe, across north and west Africa, Brazil, India, Mexico, and Bangladesh. He relocated to Rockland, Maine, in 2014.