It May Happen Anyway

Casey Avaunt
NORO GALLERY 16 Brewster Street, Rockland | Doors 7:30p | Performance 8p | $12 Admission

Steel House Projects is pleased to present It May Happen Anyway, an experimental dance performance, at NoRo Gallery on Saturday, August 19. Doors open at 7:30pm. The performance will be followed by a brief Q&A session.

It May Happen Anyway is a cross-cultural dance production between artists from Maine and Taiwan. Choreographed by Casey Avaunt, M.F.A., the project is a postmodern dance piece created in collaboration with Taiwanese dance artists Yang Hsiu-Ju and Hsueh Hsin-Yi and Maine-based performer Kelly Varian.

This performance is an abstract picture of four women grappling with the power structures within their individual cultures, exploring the overt and subtle ways humans confront and maneuver around forces that seek to constrain them.

It May Happen Anyway includes doses of dry humor and non- traditional, yet rigorously rehearsed dance techniques. To generate fresh movement vocabularies the collaborators deconstruct Eastern and Western movement styles, sounds, and concepts. The performance is scored by music from Los Angeles electronic musician Christine Lee.

Following the performance, Avaunt will facilitate a question and answer session to create a dialogue between the artists and the audience. The public will have an opportunity to share their experiences and performers can respond and engage with immediate feedback. The question and answer session is an opportunity to both reduce and illuminate some of the boundaries that separate audience from performances and address some of the anxieties or confusion that can arise when initially experiencing modern dance.

Casey Avaunt, born in Falmouth, Maine, is an award-winning choreographer who creates work between the U.S. and Asia and a Ph.D. Candidate in Critical Dance Studies at the University of California, Riverside. She is committed to responsible cross-cultural exchanges and innovative choreographic partnerships that span domestically and internationally.

NORO Gallery is an alternative arts venue located in a renovated church in the northern end of downtown Rockland.