Gordon Hall: The Number of Inches Between Them

Artist: Gordon Hall

The Number of Inches Between Them is a new sculpture and performance project by New York based artist Gordon Hall taking place across multiple locations in mid-coast Maine in the summer of 2017. The project is brought to these spaces and organized by Kindling Fund recipients and Maine artists Elizabeth Atterbury and Meghan Brady.

The project is a continuation of Hall’s series of “replica” sculptures in which the artist makes doubles of accidentally encountered one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. The criteria for selection of the objects to be reproduced is best described as attraction; the production of the works is a means of getting to intimately know these idiosyncratic singular objects. The Number of Inches Between Them replicates a geometric stone bench located in the yard of a private residence in Clinton, New Jersey. Hall has refabricated this bench twice out of pigment-dyed cast concrete: At Steel House Projects from August 4-26, as its component panels, disassembled and leaning around the walls of the space. On August 11 at 3pm, at The Winter Street Warehouse, a second set of of these concrete shapes will be shown assembled into the bench and used as the site of a movement piece by Gordon Hall and a small group of performers in their 70’s and 80’s.

After the performance on August 11, at 7pm, there will be an evening of lectures and performances, organized by Hall, which will take place at Hillside Farm in Camden. Building upon Hall’s ongoing project The Center for Experimental Lectures, this program is open to the public and is meant to encourage a broader conversation about art and art-making. The participants in the program are the members of Hall’s New York-based critique group that originated out of being performers in Hall’s piece STAND AND. This group has been meeting monthly since 2014 and has been the site of numerous conversations that have been influential over the development of The Number of Inches Between Them. The project will culminate in a publication that emerges from the sculpture, performance, and evening program that will be released in the fall of 2017.