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Richard Iammarino

Steel House Projects is pleased to present an exhibition of sculpture by artist Richard Iammarino. At 82 years of age, Iammarino has spent a lifetime painting, drawing, and sculpting; the works included in this show span over 50 years.

Until now, this collection has never been shown publicly.Intrigued by a 1969 encounter in San Francisco with Japanese Netsuke carvings—tiny carved ornaments traditionally made of ivory or ebony—Iammarino was inspired by the scale and detail of each piece. Similarly, he was moved by Inuit carvings. Both inspirations echo throughout the works on view in the gallery. Iammarino continues to return to these works as he has for decades; each one a personal totem that carries its own story. Working in ivory, ebony, and other exotic woods, Iammarino went on to work in in lost-wax casting in bronze at a foundry in Madison, Wisconsin. While there, he developed a complete chess set which is now in a private collection in New York; studies for this work as well as a King, Queen, Rook, Knight, and Pawn are on view.

Born in 1937, in Cleveland, Ohio, Iammarino has spent his artistic life painting, drawing, printmaking, carving, casting, cartooning, and mural-painting. After attending the Cleveland Institute of Art in the early 1960s, he chose a peripatetic lifestyle, traveling through western and eastern Europe, across north and west Africa, Brazil, India, Mexico, and Bangladesh. He relocated to Rockland, Maine, in 2014.

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