Steel House is an art, design & technology collective on the coast of Maine

Steel House recognized as one of 13 worldwide "Creative Community Spaces" by the World Bank.

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Steel House Supper

Steel House Suppers are crowdfunding dinners produced by members of the Steel House community to benefit local projects and causes. Proceeds from this Steel House Supper will benefit Knox County Homeless Coalition, the parent organization of The Landing Place, a new resource center in Rockland for homeless and at-risk teens. Come eat delicious food in intriguing surroundings, hear Joseph Hufnagel, the Director of The Landing Place, describe his organization's mission and activities, and watch members of Steel House and The Apprenticeshop present their work in algorithmic poetry, Maine data visualization, contemporary urban boat culture, and more! This Steel House Supper is designed by Kate Holland, with food by Elysa Rose-Coster. Steel House Suppers are BYOB events.
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